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May. 22nd, 2009


49+ Laus Deo +

I am taking a chance at being the one to listen and observe. Yes, I have seen.

Now is your chance. What do you have to say, City? Speak, I'll listen.

For little else has been working.

Apr. 26th, 2009

i listen/guardian angelness

48+ Laus Deo +

Of course the rains had an end. Those of you that do read the Word would know that a cleansing flood will never happen again. And in light of the most recent earthquake,with no silence or seals breaking there should be nothing to fear.

Even if ruin is around the corner. When isn't it? You could die tomorrow. I could die tomorrow perminantly. I'm not afraid.

Might I say that there were some very brave efforts to quiet the less than savory members of the City. Well done.

Apr. 10th, 2009


47+ Laus Deo +

I should know better than to let the droll antics of curses, but I feel that this is noteworthy and ever relevant to the salvation of your souls. This is not an issue that will leave you. In this City, in this reality and many others if you do not act you will perish. I digress. You may have heard vicious, slanted truths about the nature of God's relationship with you and myself. It is not incestuous. His love is pure and without wanton desire. His love is above simple physical sensuality. He gave His only son to the Earth, to live as man does and to die as man does sinful and forsaken to rewrite the contact that separated man from God. You can stop crying out '"Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani?" He hasn't. Seek and ye shall find.

I don't understand any of you.

Services will be all day Sunday. I encourage you to attend. Tomorrow will be a day of silence.

Private to Jadis//Unhackable;

Do tell me where I can send you the text.

Mar. 20th, 2009


46+ Laus Deo +

As innocent as it might seem, indulging in horoscopes leaves you open to alternative spirituality that, at times, can be a slippery slope.

Be cautious, would you?

I'm lucky in that respect, having never been born when there were such things as years or months.

Mar. 11th, 2009


45+ Laus Deo +

Are there any out there who are celebrating the entire forty days of Lent? Any? I feel as though I would have more luck seeking out an echo.

In light of recent events, allow me to say that I have nothing to hide. I will tell no lies.

Feb. 20th, 2009

look down on you

44+ Laus Deo +


You're handed this precious gift right?

[static, bad connection?]

Murders, rapists molesters all you have to do is repent and God takes you into his bosom.

...In all the worlds and all the universes, no one creature can make such a boast, save for man.


It's not fair.

If sweet, sweet God loves you so. I'll make you worthy of His love. I've been watching you for a long time. It's only in the face of true horror that you find your nobler self. And you can be so noble.


...so that those of you that survive this reign of hell on earth may be worthy of God's love.

Feb. 4th, 2009

i listen/guardian angelness

43 + Laus Deo +

Take good care, lovers. The world is full of wickedness, yet remember that with every burden and suffering are gifts given by God.

[Filtered from Disapproving Parents and Scorned Lovers]

Any engagements and ceremonies must be done in secret. Notify me and no other of the church.

[ooc; Secret marriages here?]

Jan. 21st, 2009


42 + Laus Deo +

More snow. More demands. January is icy and bitter. There are means of warmth and comfort. Any being seeks it.

Do I need to tell you what comforts me? You can guess. I assure you it is not that complicated.

Try it.

Jan. 12th, 2009


41 + Laus Deo +

My father and yours is the King of the Heaven of Earth, the Alpha and Omega.

He wants you to love Him as He loves you. He gave you choice. He gave you life. What have you done for Him ? I have given Him everything. And I will continue to. All that I am and all that I'll ever be is because of Him. It is His will. Man, angel, demon, dog...whatever He wishes.

I cannot imagine His infinite patience in the face of so much stubbornness, so much hate. Would it be so difficult to reconcile when what awaits you is eternal peace.

God is Love. God is great.

Dec. 20th, 2008

lost in thought

40 + Laus Deo +

Christmas is coming, citizens. Five days time until the blessed day. It is not the gifts. It is not the trappings. Christmas day is a day of love, joy and triumph.

I say these things because it would appear that it is so easily forgotten in all other things. The network is abuzz with the quaint and meddling details of common place things. Consider your soul, would you?

I feel as though I'm a broken record. Or that I'm speaking to the deaf.

For the next five evenings, I'll be holding a midnight Mass at the chapel. Come as you are.

Father, all praise be given to thee. Again I think fondly of that night so long ago. Let me again think of the glory of your generosity.
For few others will.

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